1960s inspire wedding items

Hi all,

The Thorndon Fair fundraising opportunity is looking pretty real, despite the short notice (two weekends time!)

As such, this is a call for volunteers.

If you can people herd and/or look dressed in pre 1600s gear we need you!
If you're an authorised Target Archery Marshal, we'd super love to have your support working the line on the day.
If you have a full heavy kit with mesh and you're willing to be shot at I will love you forever as it means I won't be so bruised.

Final approval for us being able to run this fundraiser will happen by Wednesday, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for whether we are go. 1960s inspire wedding items

This may also be a great opportunity to show off the thing you are keen on, depending on how much space we have. Watch this space.

The funds raised will go towards the purchase of a marquee for Darton.

Please email me directly (laura.burkett01 at gmail) or flick me a facebook message to let me know if you are available and keen.

Yours in Service,