Cocktail Dress 2020

We can start with dark greens. The darker the better. That dark color lets you know that there are more micro-nutrients in there. Micro-nutrients relieve stress. They clear up the fog. How about beets? I like fresh ones. I think I was an adult before I ever had beets that weren't out of a can. I was shocked that I could just cut them up and put them in the salad. Yellow and red bell peppers. I love how the different colors all taste a little bit different. Cauliflower is white. Most white things we try to avoid in our diet. But cauliflower is healthy. Throw some mushrooms in there and we are good to go. And there's more. I like Dr. Joel Fuhrman's acronym for the healthiest stress relieving foods: GBOMBS. Greens Berries Onions (and garlic) Mushrooms Beans (and other legumes) Seeds (and nuts) When I'm eating to relieve stress, I add more GBOMBS to my meals. I'm really trying to say one thing here. Eat more plants. Cocktail Dress 2020

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