Cocktail Dresses 2020

I like it when after a woman wearing a long sequin gown with an off centered thigh slit showcasing one of her leg. And then when the male stand next to her, with all the cameras actually aiming at her and her gown, my question is "Will the males fell being left out as to be jealous about the woman and her gown stealing all the limelight?" .... "Ever wonder if there is no need for Vigorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaa and no need for rhino horns, tiger bones, tiger penises, all that requires is women just go back to wear their pencil skirts, dresses or even gowns and men can do their heavy lifting jobs under self controlled and mutually agreeable and hopefully very romantic environments (very important), one less drug for Mankind, one more rhino and one more tiger to live, and makes the world a lot prettier and gentler place to live, ever wonder that?" - Phillip Lo (modified on March 3, 2013 and modified on May 16, 2013) Cocktail Dresses 2020