Long Prom Dresses 2020

I'm sitting here thinking about our late-night phone conversations, how excited you were when I made it back home in 2012, the times that we have breakfast in the morning and laugh at each other, waking up and seeing you still passed out throwing water in your face or threatening to shave your goatee off to make you get up. are the times that you would just do crazy stupid goofy things cuz you knew my day was stressed. The one thing about you Travis is through and through no matter what, no matter what you were personally going through you always put everyone above and beyond and your goal in life was always make everyone smile because you knew what it was like to feel alone. I love you so much and I appreciate the 20-plus years of friendship that we had together. all the memories. I think about the the calls that I would get sometimes just because you were bored and you wanted me to hear what the idiot behind you was listening to on your break. Or the pictures you would take of the stupid people walking past your house during the day just to make me laugh. You're not just my friend you were my roommate you're not just my roommate or my friend but also a part of my family we may have had our ups and downs we're both very stubborn people but you will forever be in my heart and not a moment will pass that I won't think of every chance and second that we had together. every moment that you held me together when I was ready to fall apart. I even remember when Donny and I first got together I told you about him and you were worried that I was going to get hurt. you played the friend / brother roll, said I better meet this guy, you guys met and hit it off like it was no tomorrow. you spent time with my children as if they were your blood nephews. Maybe typing all this on here isn't what I should be doing but truthfully I don't know what else to do. I remember your late nights scrolling through Facebook just to see what everyone was doing just so you can feel like you were still with the friends that you wanted to be with. I'm pretty sure Heaven doesn't have a facebook but I know anytime anyone reads this and as I write it you can hear what I'm saying to you. I love you Travis and you will forever be in my heart. I'm so angry, sad, hurt, and lost right now. my heart goes out to your family because this is just not what they needed but I keep telling myself that you're with Mike. for so long you told me that's all you wanted, was to be with him. I never thought the time would come so soon. I hope you both have a kick-ass time together. love you both more than I could ever express and never stop watching us all because we'll never stop thinking of either of you. Long Prom Dresses 2020