Long Sleeve Prom Dresses 2020

At the Dollar General in Point today, I went to pick up a couple of things. There was a bit of a long line in front and behind me when I was waiting to check out. Things went pretty quickly even with only one cashier, Kelly. The gentleman in front of me got to the register with a soda and a few other items. Kelly rang up his stuff and then asked whether he was walking, riding his bike, in a car...without looking up at her, the man said he was on a bike, so she asked if he wan ... ted his soda in a bag or if he wanted to hold on it, while ensuring the bag with his other items was tied and secured tightly so nothing would fall out. He said he'd hold on to it and then pulled out a bunch of quarters to pay. I've seen so many cashiers roll their eyes or sigh deeply and tap the counter impatiently when someone pulled out coins to pay with. Kelly did none of this. Instead, she waited for him to count it, then thanked him profusely for the quarters because she always needed change. He nodded without smiling, picked up his items and left. Kindness matters. The gentleman obviously comes into the store a lot. He was not super nicely dressed nor did he spend a lot of money. But Kelly has taken to the time to get to know him and takes the time to ensure he is treated as well as any other customer. Grateful to be a witness to everyday moments of kindness and compassion. Long Sleeve Prom Dresses 2020

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