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It has been twelve years since I last spoke with my mom. We weren't just close, we were CLOSE. As in, I called her nearly every day to chat about anything and everything. To this day, whenever I have an exciting piece of news to share, no matter how big or small, I find myself reaching for the phone, then pause, with that awful sense of "oh, right." And my hand slowly falls away from the phone.

The ... last time I spoke with mom, was on the phone. It was a Saturday. She wasn't feeling good. She thought she had the flu. Her symptoms were classic flu, and she'd left her waitressing job early the night before because she hadn't been feeling well. This was unheard of for her. She always sacrificed her own comfort for those around her, and she would never leave her fellow waitresses short-handed on the floor.

We chatted briefly that afternoon, because she was tired, achy, and irritable. She had chills and sweats, her back was hurting, and her stomach was off. I distinctly remember her being irritable because of how she felt, and that she cut the call short because her little kitten CC was climbing all over her shoulders and batting at the long antennae on her clunky cordless phone and driving her crazy.

The next night, I was woken from a sound sleep at 11:30pm and it was her boyfriend, telling me "she's gone."

I'm not looking for an outpouring of sympathy. I miss her terribly, and it's heartbreaking that she and Riley never got to meet, but it's been twelve years. I'm my mom's daughter and dammed proud of it. But this post isn't about me.

What I am looking for is to spread awareness to all the women out there, on my f-list and yours, that the signs of heart attack in women are different from those of men. Hollywood shows us a man grabbing his arm or chest and possibly turning red and short of breath, and people instantly say "!heart attack!" When a woman experiences back pain, heart burn, fatigue, chills, stiff neck, etc, it's brushed off as overtired, stressed, and yes, the flu. There's a great skit out there by Elizabeth Banks, which perfectly portrays a woman who is experiencing symptoms, but is too busy getting her husband and kids out the door to worry about her own discomfort. Ucenter Dress cocktail party wears in yellow

So this. Do me, yourself, and your loved ones a favor. Click the link and learn the signs. Please.

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