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I've been trying to eat healthier lately and I've been somewhat successful; of course, I could be doing better, but I've seen some real improvements. Here are a few things that are helping ME so far:

1.) I've been slowly making nutrition changes that are manageable for me, rather than trying to change everything at once. I've failed so many diets because I've cut out everything "bad", which made me ravenously hungry all day everyday. By day 3, I just end up eating everything ... in the house and feeling bad about myself. For the last two weeks I haven't drank any pop or eaten any chocolate (which is huge for me); I'm going to try and add a nutrition goal on every week. My goals will compound and progressively get me where I want to be rather than failing 1,000,000,000 like I've always done.

2.) Using an app that allows me to log my food has been super helpful. You're much less likely to eat something terrible for you if you actually see how bad it is for you. MyFitnessPal is great.

3.) I'm worrying less about the scale. I started lifting weights pretty seriously in January and I've actually gained a few pounds. I definitely could still lose some weight, but since I started exercising seriously, I feel better, I'm happier with how I'm starting to look and my blood pressure has even decreased.

4.) I'm trying to view food differently. I've been trying to think of my meals (especially breakfast and lunch) as fuel for my body that allows me to more efficiently do the things I enjoy doing. I love to eat and I have always turned to food first in times of celebration. I will never be someone who eats like a rabbit, but when I eat decently most days of the week, I don't feel so bad about my inevitable cheat meals. Ucenter Dress flowy Greek style dresses for prom

I hope this can be a help to someone. Please pray for me as I keep trying to mold my body into what I want it to be. I want to be active and live as long as I can so I can better serve God's kingdom and my community.

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