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For as far back as I can remember, I had to be at the most, five years old. This was in the early fifties and we lived on my grandad's original forty acres. " out in the woods" ha, ha. No indoor plumbing, no electricity. That was like going camping every night. You can act as brave as you want in the daytime but, when night time came and your only source of security was your seven year old brother, that daytime bravado quickly faded away. There were four of us kids, three boy ... s and one girl. At that time, my parents were immersed in alcohol, like everyone else. Spending up oil money, which was quickly dwindling. I don't feel we were neglected or unloved but when the night shadows started creeping and the night noises started sounding ominous, how I wished I could see headlights coming down our driveway. We didn't have any close neighbors so, any car coming down our drive was mom and dad. You know, no one told my brother that he had to take care of us or watch over us. At seven years old, he took it upon himself to be responsible for us. He kept us from being frightened and made us feel safe in a situation where he himself couldn't let his fears overcome him. If he did, what would have happened to us. It wasn't long from my remembrance that my parents quit drinking and sitting out on that front porch at night wasn't so foreboding. Ucenter Dress flowy ethereal wedding outfits of chiffon

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