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Cling cling came the sound of the cutleries as they ate dinner in deafening silence. This is the normal routine in the Williams', there was hardly any chatter and each went their own way. The Williams is a composite of three people, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Williams and Hannah Williams.

Hannah is a girl of 10 years whose parents' bad relationship affects her life entirely- she's extremely quiet and always sad. She has no friends, she just live in her gloomy lone world.

Hannah star ... ted noticing changes in her body, her nipples get darker and the areolas around them are somewhat swollen, she notices growth of hair in her armpits and pubic regions. The changes are strange. Yet, she couldn't relay her new 'developments' to anyone, not even her mum. She'd examined herself, and think herself to sleep in the midst of her confusion. She woke up one morning with a sharp pain in her lower abdomen and noticed a red patch of stain on her grey-colored bed sheets. She is scared, she felt moist in her pubic region, she rushed to the toilet and was terrified at the sight of blood in her white cotton underpant. She is alarmed, more blood flowed from her birth canal and the pain persisted. She cried silently. Ucenter Dress homecoming wears with affordable price

Her parents woke up, had their normal rituals of prayers, breakfast and rushy work preparations and off they left the house. Hannah in turn prepared for School and prayed silently that the bleeding would stop.

"Hannah"! came a baritone voice from the other end of the compound, she turned Corper Uche beckoned on her to come towards him. Corper Uche lives in the boys' quarter of the compound since he was posted there for his Youth Service. Hannah stopped right in front of him and looked away "Good morning" she said coldly, "How're you"? He asked. "I'm fine, thank you". She replied. "You don't look fine, what's wrong with you?" He asked concerned. "Nothing, I'm fine" she replied looking at her sandals. "You're stained". He said. Fear rose within her, the bleeding did not stop!? she thought. "Have you heard of menstruation?" He asked interrupting her thought. "No" she said confusion written all over her face.

"Go and change your pant, put tissue paper inside the new one. After School, when your parents are not around, come to my room, let me teach you how to stop the bleeding". "What about the pain?, I feel pain too". With a mischievous smile across his lips, "both" he said.

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