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Whether you roast it whole or blend into drink as juice like the Olympians do - beetroot is low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants - a health-food titan. Beet Truth Juice is a Healthy Super Juice packed with the powerful combination of GUYABANO, GUTO KOLA, MORINGA, MANGOSTEEN and COCO SUGAR.

A history of health
Beetroots have long been used for medicinal purposes, primarily for disorders of the liver as they he ... lp to stimulate the liver's detoxification processes. The plant pigment that gives beetroot its rich, purple-crimson colour is betacyanin; a powerful agent, thought to suppress the development of some types of cancer.

Beetroot is rich in fibre, exerting favourable effects on bowel function, which may assist in preventing constipation and help to lower cholesterol levels too.

Beetroot fibre has been shown to increase the level of antioxidant enzymes in the body, (specifically one called glutathione peroxidase), as well as increase the number of white blood cells, which are responsible for detecting and eliminating abnormal cells. Beets are also one of the richest sources of glutamine, an amino acid, essential to the health and maintenance of the intestinal tract. Ucenter Dress lace coverd with long sleeve wear for the wedding

Other studies have looked at the effect of beetroot juice on blood pressure. A reduction in blood pressure is beneficial for the avoidance of heart disease and stroke. Studies state that nitrate rich foods like beetroot may help in heart attack survival.

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