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Well I have to tell you Chelsea Manning is far more attractive that Caitlyn Jenner. I cannot fathom their choice to change sexual assignment, however it's far from me to judge their decision. The problem with Jenner is that he's associated with those vile Kardashians, a group of misfits so toxic as to make a normal person want to vomit. A friend of mine's daughter waited upon the Kardashians over a long weekend when they were paid $100,000 for an appearance. This great yo ... ung kid ran herself ragged for them. Her cell phone started ringing at about 6am with one "demand" after another. Their abusive and terrorizing behavior continued for an entire weekend. Bearing in mind the K's were paid "just to be there" my friend's daughter was given a most generous tip. NOTHING. The Kardashians are lesser societal trash than the homeless man or woman you see sleeping over a heating grate in the middle of winter. The world will be better off when they're all sent to prison for tax evasion. Ucenter Dress latest chic prom wears with lace

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Chelsea Manning 'denied entry to Canada' Manning posted a letter from Canada that suggests she was turned away due to prior convictions.bbc.com | By BBC News See more from BBC News .