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I just have to share something, because it is so close to my heart.
It is not a dig at anyone, just something I have noticed.


Since being my own boss, I have had the HUGE pleasure of being able to choose where I work during the day, which includes cafe's, at the gym, Library etc....

While I am here I can't help but overhear some conversations...
One particular cafe I go to is near the local school where the parents get together and talk about...well, you think it would be their kids learning....but every time it seems to be about how shit the teachers are.

I literally sit here shaking with rage because the stuff they are saying is just nasty.

If they had ANY idea how hard teachers work, how underpaid they are for the work they do and the hours they put into their children, while they sit and have coffee for 3 hours, I hope that they would re-consider.

Now, I don't know who these teachers are, and maybe they are doing a shit job...who knows?

But I DO know that getting together with the parents in your class and bagging your kids teacher openly, week after week, cruelly and with venom in your voices, egging each other on like some kind of weird seagull club does not help your situation. Ucenter Dress petite items to wear for maid of the brides

Maybe if they got in there and helped with reading time, instead of sitting having coffee, their kids reading might improve faster?
Just a thought.

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