Ucenter Dress skirts with fish tail for wedding

I just gotta say....
God is SOOO AMAZING!!!!!!
Like, seriously.. I just did an 18 min workout routine where I was literally just drenched in sweat, and I AM NOT IN PAIN!!!!!
You guys do not realize how much this means to me after not being able to walk well for almost 5 years... Where everyday was a struggle and i was in so much pain that i could not do even my normal routine, let alone a workout.
I worked out a few times before, like a couple months ago, but my body literal ... ly swelled up in inflammation and I threw my back out after only a few days of doing it... I was like a prisoner to my own body.
But God! --God... He healed me..
And I am free of whatever bondage i was in before. Now I can move! I can sweat! I can actually sit on the floor without hurting my pelvic bone or tailbone! I can actually get OFF the floor with NO extra support! This is an incredible feat for me...
Jesus... So powerful <3 I was prayed over and within an HOUR I was healed COMPLETELY of every problem in my body, including asthma and all bone pain. And Im on my way to better health thanks to Him..
How deeply appreciative I am now, of even the slightest thing. --Things I ha taken for granted of my entire life.. Things like being able to walk down a flight of stairs, or sit down in the car. --Or play with my daughter and her toys for longer than 5 mins, --things like sit in a wooden chair, or standing to cook dinner for my family!!! Ucenter Dress skirts with fish tail for wedding <3 PRAISE GOD!!
I just pushed myself to do this routine, and I DO NOT HURT!!!!
^_^ <3

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