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What causes snoring? Click to listen to my audio track below (turn up your volume!) for a great overview and treatment options, but it's mainly age whereby our throat muscles become lax and allow the tongue to drop back and partially block the airways. Other contributing factors are weight gain (though conversely snoring can contribute to weight gain also), smoking, taking sedatives or drinking alcohol as it further collapses the airways. Treating snoring is a sensible appr Ucenter Dress summer wears for mother of the bride or groom ... oach to weight gain and heart disease prevention...not to mention relationship difficulties with snoring cited as the #3 reason people seek divorce - and it's entirely preventable so please share this post with family and friends! My name is Liz and I own www.snoreassist.com.au and we have helped over 250,000 Aussies and Kiwis to 'stop snoring instantly' with our simple self mould affordable mouthguard (for men and women).
We have lots of great customers sharing their stories on our forum www.facebook.com/snoreassist and I'm here 7 days to help with any queries by using the contact form on the website. No call centres...one on one help and a high quality, BPA free Aussie made product. Express delivery within Australia and daily shipping to NZ! Don't lose another nights sleep or jeopardise your health....click to listen to my audio track below and here's what Innis says....Big thank you to Liz for this tremendous product from www.snoreassist.com.au I received it yesterday and tried it. My wife did not notice any snoring, she said I snored once haha, but that was it. I have woken far more refreshed and energetic than I have had for a long, long time. Thank you Liz, definately recommend this product to anyone with this problem. Best wishes, Innis
And no - these are nothing new and dentists have been making mandibular splints for snoring for decades - these are simply the self mold (affordable) version. Happy zzz's Liz

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