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Well, the verdict is in! I have a Level III Radial Head Fracture to my elbow that will require surgery. A piece of the bone has broken off and shifted into the joint space prohibiting me from bending/flexing his elbow. The bone fragment will be removed and placed back into the proper location. The upside is recovery time will be much quicker than a cast. The procedure is scheduled for later this week

I want to take a minute to thank my wonderful wife for all that she does. Ov ... er the last week her compassion and selflessness has really shown through. She has taken on 100% Ava duty to include 12 straight nights waking every 3-5 hours and we've got a crawler now to make her days more interesting! She has also been very patient with me, has helped me get ready for work, make all my food, and just completely pamper me to make me as comfortable as I can be under the circumstances. She's kept me laughing the whole time through as well. If y'all did not already know... I'm the most blessed man around. Ucenter Dress wedding apparels specially for women over 40

-Thessalonians 5:18

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