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Before and After Jalaneti:

"I've been plagued by severe headaches since I was in the 9th standard. I noticed my breathing was happening through my mouth since my nostrils were blocked. Every rain drop brought on a cold. Every cold led to a sinus block. Fever. Lot of chest related diseases due to breathing through the mouth. Someone had suggested Jalaneti to me earlier but I resisted due to fear! I tried all possible medicines and lost all faith in allopathy. I finally did Ja ... laneti.

Life after Jalaneti is like a new life for me. Initially I was so enchanted by full breathing. I can't explain. Complete breathing without any blocks. It was amazing. The early morning running nose stopped. I didn't need a towel in the morning. My cold and cough bought stopped. No fever episode for a year. Weather change did not change me. I could sit in an ac room. Slowly I could drink cold water and nothing happened. I enjoyed an ice cream whenever possible (yes even when it was raining) life has been good! Such a simple cleansing method. Such huge benefits. I had wasted so much of time. Just because of fear. This has been so long. Can't thank you enough." Ucenter Dress wedding item online store with affordable price
- Lakshmi

I will be doing a Jalaneti workshop this Saturday in VijayaNagar, Bangalore. To register:


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