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I like to share the good, bad and in-between and ... I want to share what I experience and how I manage in the hope that it will help you too.

Being authentic, real and honest is important so that you get to know and trust me as a real life person who does and experiences real life things and kinda finds a way to manage, which can be messy at times, but finds a way through.

I regularly do the breast check things as I think it's super important and vital that we all do things ... necessary for our health and well-being - this being one of them. I've had a scare before which fortunately turned out to be cysts which were drained and on I went with my life.

A few weeks ago I wasn't too sure about something but thought nah I'm okay as they feel a bit like the ones I had before did but ... then I wondered am I sure? Are they the same? How do I know? What do the not good ones feel like? Should I be worried? Do I need to visit the doctor?

Speaking to Mike he convinced me to go to the doctors just to check, just to make sure, so I did and ... to cut a long story short having visited the doctor, and having been referred, ... today found me in the Breast Clinic at the local hospital.

One mammogram (not my favourite thing to have!), one ultra sound and one examination with the consultant later and I'm given the good news that all is clear and ... again ... fortunately I can carry on with my life as before.

I share this with you all because, even though the results were fine, I nearly didn't go and all because I thought maybe I'd be wasting the professional's time, that it couldn't possibly be something serious and similar such thought processes. But ... the thing is ... I didn't know, I didn't waste their time (they were all super wonderful, reassuring & saying I did the right thing) and I now have peace of mind that I'm okay. UcenterDress baby breast feeding wear for bridesmaid

I now won't have that 'what if it is something' feeling and ... if it had been something I could have had the appropriate treatment and found a way to manage it and work through it.

So ... moral of the story ... don't be afraid to check yourself regularly, men and women, and get yourself professionally checked if you do find/feel something, no matter how unsure you may be and ... don't be scared to do so. As scary as it can turn out to be I do believe it's better to know than not know because then you can actually take action to do something about it:-)

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