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I want everyone to understand something. I'm not in any way against a single person protesting what they believe is an injustice. But I am against how it's done if the manner in which the protest takes place only divides the people. If a person wants to stand and raise a fist, stand and lock arms with another. Then fine. That person or persons still had the respect for a great Nation to stand. But when you kneel you're not in any way bringing people together to at least hear ... what you want or need to say. I know America is not perfect. Far from it. But people from all over the world today die in their efforts to come here. And some of America's own people are blind to the very freedoms others are willing to die to have.

Do something proactive and positive or shut up. Ive spent years of my life even today giving to people who have less than myself through coaching, mentoring, providing assistance in helping quality young people join the military. And not to mention ten years in the Army that has left me broken. And to tell you the truth. ... At 40 years old I'm ashamed that I haven't given more of myself. Why? Because I love this Country and her people with a love that I honestly can't explain. I have a great respect for all who's come before me regardless of what color they may have been. UcenterDress champagne color cocktail party selections

But if you can't protest in a manner that brings the conversation higher. Then I suggest living in Cuba. I hear they love protesters.

Caleb Wheeler!

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