UcenterDress dress suitable for bride that looks little

1. Who were you named after? my maternal great-granmother (&Queen Gwenhwyvierre, of Arthur)
2. Last time you cried? not sharing this. lol
2a. Movie that makes you cry? most of them? um,titanic, beauty and the beast-emma watson version,phantom
3. Soda or water? Water. Not really a soda drinker.
4. Favorite kind of pizza? Spinach or bbq ...
5. Favorite flowers? I love all flowers. but sunflowers, or carnations or tulips. I'm not picky but I really dislike red roses.too cliche. UcenterDress dress suitable for bride that looks little
6. Roller coaster? Yes heck yes.
7. Favorite ice cream? vanilla cuz it can become anything i want.
8. Favorite book? the HP series- it's how I learned to read and write. or maybe Narnia.
9. Shorts or jeans? JEAN Shorts, in this Florida heat!
10. What are you listening to right now? peaceful naptime
11. Favorite color? Yellow GREEN & blue
12. Tattoos? Yes, one, not enough.
13. Favorite thing to eat? too many options.lol
14. Android or iPhone? Android forever
15. Favorite holiday? 4th of July.
16. Night owl or mornings? night owl.
17. Favorite day of the week? Thursday. (weekend preview)
18. Favorite Season? Fall
20. Favorite movie? seriously? this is like asking about food. so for the sake of asking, Pride and Prejudice.

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