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Super One Foods in Grand Rapids is already making enemies!!!! Seriously, Super One, who are you? The mob? The Cartel??? What kind of idiocy is this??? Where is your common sense? Where is your humanity??? Fine, if this is how you are going to treat people, I don't need to buy from you! There is always Walmart, and Target has food too! And since you don't even carry what I want to buy half the time, I will just order my products from Amazon, or whatever grocery website I can f ... ind...You know I have only shopped at Aldi's 2 times, but now I will shop there, because I will avoid your stores, no matter where they are, until this man is given his job back with full benefits and no demotion! I can't STAND when companies pull this kind of garbage on people!!!! And I will refuse to pad their pockets with my money...and in my opinion, the persons who did this to this man, need to lose their jobs, quickly! because it will only get worse from here on out if they are not gone! UcenterDress evening items to wear of the sexy pattern

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