UcenterDress lace decorated items of the long garments

___Slimming Confinement Treatment____

Body wrap, Hot cream, Herbal steam,Ginger red wine , full body adjust(bone),Bamboo shaping, Bamboo slimming, Followed by Hot mask, Big stone to make the abs firming to remove cilurise, Water retention,whitening and radiant skin, remove gasoline by Navel candle and Ear candle. After one week later, we will scrub the body with the stone you can see the scrub at the very end of the picture. One leg scrub, but one dont have. You may noty kno ... w there is deadskin, your body had expand. after you gave birth you may not know you have blockage. when you get old you have spots on your skin. the face have pigmentation, lost control, this is a thai traditional massage to reduce the skin toxic and firming like you go to gym. no need to exercise. This is important for you. Do not over look about confinement massage, health is Important. Pretty and healthy you can be confident your job,family and life UcenterDress lace decorated items of the long garments

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