UcenterDress off the rack wears for bridesmaid

IT'S FFF... Happy and blessed Faith Filled Friday everyone... as I laid down this morning after I got the girls off for school, thoughts started running through my head ...so I apologize if this is long and maybe sometimes rambling but I feel it needs to be said because it is still on my mind and heart... speaking on faith and having it and speaking life and death in the power of the tongue... Faith although all you need to do is have a little can be a BIG thing... depending ... on if you exercise and believe in it ,faith, can totally change your life in one direction or another. OFTEN it is said that Life is so short and fleeting yet depending on what you speak into your life YOUR LIFE can be felt long after you are gone... death is often associated with pain and suffering ...yet one can go peacefully to the afterlife in their sleep experiencing no pain or suffering ... In saying this , I'm lead back to faith and how we apply it and often times question it with worry... To say we don't have faith because we worry I believe to be untrue.. it is an error as being human but what we can do is work on strengthen our faith daily so we learn the power of our tongue to speak life and death over us... BE BLESSED AND BE ENCOURAGED...AMEN UcenterDress off the rack wears for bridesmaid

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