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More spiritual diseases and disorders continued from my last post.

11. Spiritual Narcissism- One who is all about self and flesh, and doesn't care about the salvation of others. When called out in their wrongness, they flip back on the other person and claim they are judgmental. UcenterDress on sale wedding apparels With long sleeves

12. Spiritual Cold/Flu- One who has a nasty cold attitude. They act stuffy (stuck-up) towards people. They have a fever for prosperity and not holiness.

13. Spiritual Diarrhea/Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)- One who always giving God and his people crap. They are full of excuses and lies.

14. Spiritual Bronchitis- One who can't spiritually breathe, because they have not laid off every weight that easily besets them.

15. Spiritual Hypoglycemia- A condition in which one must consistently snack on a hypergrace message, in order not to kill the spirit of pride.

Many of these diseases are contagious, and spread on many lukewarm people.