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Please someone needs to say something...

Why did God choose Mary amongst others?

How can a Young girl put on pants in the name of bumshot, and twerking along the street? The funny thing is that inexperienced, innocent gals are being deceived that that is the trending stuff. Sister babe keep making yourself usable for Satan, when he comes, you would be the best tool for the job. Do u not know that whosoever you choose to obey, his servant you are???


Hey Christian girl, virgin and sinless, and you are indulging in this kind of life I pity you. Do you know how many men you've planted immoral thoughts in their heart?? Jesus said whosoever looks on a woman to have sexual intercourse have ALREADY COMMITTED ADULTERY WITH HER!!! Mth 5:28. And no adulterer will enter into life everlasting, their end is with Satan, their master. O God!!!! Who has bewitched our Nigerian gals?? What happened to the honour and dignity of the African motherhood!! Hey modern Lady, get ready for modern infections. UcenterDress prom formal garments with affordable price

Whether you are a Church goer or not, listen, God is not a respecter of persons!! Time is short! Be careful, Satan is out to convince you that nothing is really wrong with it, it's their business to think whatever they want. Listen slay queen, you are accountable to God. And don't be surprised when you start reaping what you've sown.

You brother visionary, that wants to be a success, how did Joseph translate from a slave to a prime minister - second in command? Had he slept with Potiphars wife, do u know how he would end up? Fly!!! Flee from youthful lusts every other sin a man commits is outside his body.

You pastor, that is more interested in preaching success and earthly enticing philosophy, hiding the truth of God's purity?? Do you not know that without holiness, no eyes can see God!!!(I Peter 1:15) You pardon deacons living with second wives, choristers sleeping one with another, hey!!, judgement is about to strike and funny enough it will start from the altar.

Hey blogger, in the name of driving traffic, you display illicit pictures, whether you call it soft, u are just helping Satan, working iniquity in the life of youths. Stand with Christ, it will be well with you.

Please I beg you in the name of Christ, share this, tag your friends and share till someone makes a decision. God bless you.

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