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Yesterday marked one month since i joined Title....

On July 10 I weighed more than i had ever weighed in my life. I sort of half way made a few changes... cut back on sugary drinks mostly. By the first of August I had lost about 6 lbs.

My friend Dana invited me to Spartan Training at Liberty Park, with Storm Sims . Now, THAT is out of my comfort zone! I went and, while I struggled and couldn't do some of the obstacle (monkey bars!) I left feeling motivated! This is ... what I needed to do to change my life! I went to another one of Storms training sessions at the "Y", and it kicked my rear end! But it motivated me even more!

Around mid-August that same friend invited me to title boxing for a "first shot free" class. It was TOUGH! But, I told myself and my friend about halfway through, "I might cry, but I won't quit!" The last time I had any real exercise was when they made me in Jr High gym class.

The atmosphere is awesome and the encouragement of the trainers is motivating and made me want to push just a little harder.
I went back to title for one more class the next week and knew that the structured training, the encouragement from the trainers and the variety of people I was working out with was something I needed to make the changes in my life that I wanted.

I joined title that night This is so out of my comfort zone....somethung I would never do. But I'm doing it!

About a week after I started I became more serious about my food intake and started logging everything I ate into my phone. Trying to keep my calorie intake lower... between that, the classes Title and trying to at least walk a mile on the days I can't go to a class, changes are happening!

This morning I weighed and I've lost 15.9 pounds overall, and 9.1 of that has been since I started at Title Boxing Club.
After joining, I took my measurements and re-took them yesterday.... over all I'm down 12 inches, waist, hips, and bust have each decreased around 3 inches each. I can't really "see" the changes, but I feel it. I can tell I'm getting stronger, I can tell at least one pair of my pants fit a little better.... this isn't going to be easy....but I'm willing to work for it! UcenterDress prom party wears specially for thick waist

I'm excited to see what month 2 has in store for me!

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