White Prom Dresses 2020

I'm so grateful for the many family members I have that are in the military, including my little brother. I have so much respect for not only them, but anybody who makes that sacrifice. Part of standing for my personal military family means understanding and supporting anyone who calls attention to racial injustice and inequality. It means understanding that outside of the uniform, my young, fit, very dark skinned little brother can be faced with some issues a lot of you refu ... se to recognize, but he can't afford to ignore. It's realizing that my grandma who was married to a veteran, left her job because her supervisor got upset with her and called her a nigger. That didn't happen to her 50 years ago, but a few months ago. Her patriotism, conservatism or status as an ex military wife couldn't protect her from that reality. You don't have to kneel to understand why somebody else might. You just have to care and history has proven time and time again that way too many of you don't. An overwhelming majority of white people didn't agree with any of MLK's protests during those times. Actually a lot of the same rhetoric is being repeated. He was also deemed "unpatriotic." He was also told "if you don't like it leave." Or "be grateful you're allowed to be here and have freedom." As if being an American was a favor granted to him. As much as he is put on a pedestal for protesting "the right way", he was still shot and killed by racists so what does that tell you? There will never be a right way to protest for people who don't understand or care about the issues you are protesting period. White Prom Dresses 2020

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