affordable items to wear for maid of the brides

Off to Waitrose... want anything?

Unfairtrade coffee
Duchy of Cornwall organic bleach
Jamie Oliver's Forest of Dean mutated herbal flapjacks, pack of four. ...
Gravity Ants
Taste the indifference no topping deep crust pizza slices
Pork Cordial
Superfruits of the sea
Chicken tonight beef bourginion for tomorrow lunchtime
Lloyd Grossman (pack of three)
Innocent smoothies, conflict diamond flavour
Radox bath assaults
baby carrots
Baby potatoes
Baby prawns
instant coffee
gradual tea
eventual hot chocolate
A deep understanding of the hoplessness of the human condition tempered by a far eastern spiritual awakening. (pack of three) affordable items to wear for maid of the brides
wet wipes
box set of 9,000 Jason Bourne movies
Paul Weller's prune and jalapeno marinade
can of worms
tin opener
wet wipes
man-sized tissues
angry little man-sized tissues
a small man
wet wipes
instant regrets
wet wipes
flatulence relief
vegetarian mince
vegetarian offal
really offal
totally unacceptable (pack of three)
dry wipes
free range baby oil
barn sized eggs
guilty smoothies
Ben and Jerry's latest sickly mistake
bad things (pack of three)
Durex him and her and them pleasure catapult (red)
wet whips
scholl corn flakes
seeds of change black shoe polish
Fukishima sparkling mineral water
Olympus Mons sea salt and Jenifer Lopez sausage hand cooked kettle chips
Go aways
alphabet porridge
Persil biohazzard colour enhancing power blobs
something for monday
wet wipes
moist wipes
aroused wipes
baby's arm sized pork and bucky duchy of cornwall free trade jumbo sex sausages
non-poltically aligned peanuts
wet wipes

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