blue color prom party wears

Bad girls and good boys
"you look so pretty Rhea!" Abbie shrieked as she saw Rhea in a dress. "keep it down, crazy woman. Where's your cousin?" Rhea insulted. "here i am." he whispered in her ear, appearing behind her suddenly. "you look amazing. And still in heels you aren't so talk." he said. She frowned slightly. Austin had grown taller as a growth sprout had hit him on his 18th birthday. A stubble was growing on his chin and he was a bit buffy in his arms. He had a more hoarse voice and he acted more mature. Rhea said"i like it when you were shorter so i could do this. Bend your knees a bit." he did as she said, so she was a bit taller. She pecked his lips. He smiled and straightened up. "i prefer to be taller so i could do this." he said and claimed her lips. "we get it! You two love to lips alot. Pls don't scar me!" Abbie exclaimed. They pulled away and glared at her. She frowned and said"we'll be in time if we left now. He we don't leave soon, well the prom would go on without us." Austin rolled his eyes. "let's go darling." he mumbled to her. "luckily for you, he's here to stop me from hurting you." Rhea growled at Abbie, while Abbie who didn't even feel scared rolled her eyes.
At the prom,
there was a bit of dancing, a few teachers around to chaperone and the auditorium was very decorative but this wasn't Rhea's scene. She stood out, as always, even while wearing a dress. Her tattooes made it hard for ppl not to overlook her. Her dress didn't help either. It was a bit of light grey, with straps and black lace at her sides. It stopped at her thighs, so the tattooes on her arms and back showed. Austin stood protectively next to her while they talked with a few ppl who had approached them. Drex had surprisingly came to prom. He walked to them. "Rhea. Babe, you're looking hot. Y don't we ditch this scene and go to a party at my fraternity." he said. Austin couldn't understand, y was a college student in a high school prom? Rhea looked at Austin, who had grabbed her waists tightly as if saying 'you're not going anywhere.' "actually, my boyfriend will not allow that." she said dryly. Drex's eyes flicked over to Austin. "he's your boyfriend? You're kidding. You pick there guys as your pets, the little mascotas while you keep us as your boyfriends. You can't just like a nerd." Drex said dryly, indirectly insulting Austin, intentionally. "now listen here-" Rhea got caught off by Austin punching Drex square in the face and catching everyone off guard. Drex had bent down to hold his bleeding nose. He grabbed a fist hold of Drex's hair and hissed in his ear. "you better stay away from my girlfriend or your pretty face won't be so pretty anymore." he growled harshly, b4 slamming Drex's face against his knee. Then he walked out of the auditorium and to his car. He ran his fingers through his hair. "Austin!" Rhea's voice rang out behind him. "shit. Shit. Shit." he mumbled. Arms wrung around his waists. "that was awesome baby. Best entertainment ever." she laughed. He wrung out of her hold and sat on his car hood. He fidgeted with his tie and pulled it off, he rolled up his sleeves and ran his fingers through his hair while unbuttoning tired buttons of his shirt. Rhea's eyes widened at the tattoo on his forearm. "Au-austin?" she said, scared. "i'm sorry baby. I just had to. I couldn't stray from my roots." he mumbled. On his arm was a red complex looking cursive writing which read"Via Diavoli."(Street Devils) "your mom will freak out." she said worried. He smiled hugging her. "then she'll have to accept me that way because i'm not planning to be a good boy anymore." Austin said. Rhea just smiled. "i'm with you in every step you take." blue color prom party wears