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*********** Lindell A.C. Memories ***********
" Little Help "
I don't remember the exact year, but it was in the early 70s after a Lions home game at Tiger Stadium. We were packed like normal with about a hundred people trying to get in. By 7:00pm the crowd had died down and we could send many of the wait staff home along with the doormen. My Uncle Jimmy asked me to stick around untill he got back from dinner. So Roxanne (our bar manager) and th ... e two waitresses had some help if need be. As luck would have it shortly after everyone had left, these 5 guys came in. Roxanne and I didn't feel right about serving these guys because they looked like they had enough already. The waitress took their order and said they seem okay. Big mistake as soon as they were served the loud vulgar inappropriate language came out. I asked them to watch the language we have ladies in the bar and you can't act that way in here. Roxanne told the waitresses not too serve them anymore and maybe they would just get the hint and leave. It just got worse. I ended up going over to their table to pick up the empty beer bottles (so they were not used as weapons) and tell them, it was time for them to go. "Who is going to make us go" was their response. As I was reaching to grab empties, one of the guys grab a bottle by the neck and swung at me. Fortunately he was sitting and I was standing so he could only hit my shoulder instead of my head that he was aiming for. So I popped him one of the nose. A few seconds later my back is to the wall my left hand is holding one guy's wrist with a bottle in his hand ready to hit me. My right arm is being held by another guy trying to twisted it off. And another man is getting ready to punch me in the face. They had me pinned against the wall with nowhere to go. Only a miracle could save me. It seemed like everything was moving in slow motion when this big man in front of me draws his fist back and starts to throw a punch at my face. All I was thinking was this is really going to hurt. All of a sudden through my squinty eyes and inches away from my face a big dark hand came up and the punch was absorbed in it. Oh no you don't said the man that stopped the punch from taking off my head. It was Detroit Tiger great Earl Wilson. Standing next to him was Detroit Lion great Bobby Lane, saying I'm ready for some fun. Wilson and Lane quickly turn the situation around by taking these guys to school. The classroom was the alley, their diploma was the dumpster and having their Bell rung announced class was dismissed. boat neck scoop wedding bridal collections
GOD kept me from taking a trip to the ER that day. HE sent me a Lion and a Tiger.

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