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Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Rice Milk all have more calcium than cows milk. Our bodies do not utilize the calcium in cows milk because its BABY COW GROWTH FOOD. Americans drink more cows milk than any other nation but we STILL have the highest percentage of calcium deficient adults, children and elders. For example 50% of all seniors in the US have osteoporosis. cheap wedding guest dresses for summer

If you no longer drink breast milk from your mother why drink the breast milk of a cow? Farmers put f ... rozen sperm into cows to impregnate them and after the have their babies they're forced to produce milk. Most of these cows are sick and infected and fed chemical and hormone ridden grain which makes their milk a toxic mix that causes breast cancer in women and other diseases. Even if cows milk is organically harvested it still is not for human consumption. # WakeUP ! # DrinkPlantBasedMilk

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