consignment items for prom party

Just got back from the vet . . . $168 and a thorough exam and several tests later, we hope our boy is on the road to recovery. He had a fever of 105--normal temp for a cat is around 102. Heart and lungs sounded good. His red blood cell count was low (not as low as when he had to have the blood transfusion, thank goodness); platelet count good but indication of both inflammation and infection from the CBC panel. So she gave him an anti-inflammatory there and I brought him antibiotics and more iron supplement to give him twice daily. He had another flea treatment--we only hope there are no seizures, or we will be back in the vet's office at 3 a.m. again. I will do any work from home so I can monitor him this afternoon. No vaccinations as along as he is running a fever. He did eat some more turkey shortly after we got home, so that is a good sign. consignment items for prom party