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1.C24 / 7 - it's almost a hundred diseases that can be
treated it ... and the ingredients it is also
accompanied ANTI-CANCER ANTI-AGING and
2.Complete PHYTO-ENERGIZER same as C24 / 7 ...
almost a hundred diseases that can be treated or can
fight and protect your health ... the distinction
the C24 / 7 is not pwde please refer to the children
because she anti-aging po ... but COMPLETE
Please PHYTOENERGIZER it is possible in children
from 3-5years old onwards if not able to swallow the
capsule can also melt and mix their drinks
Booklet People 3.CHOLEDUZ-high bad cholesterol and
also did away with the obstruction of our root cause
of high cholesterol.
4.RESTORLYF, also reactivated the best products of
AIM GLOBAL for diabetic people ... It also lengthens
the life of the people because many resveratrol
benefits ... also what its body ... very effective for
people RESTORLYF with diabetes.
5.VIDA CARDIOCEUTICAL-long heart really opportune
products that people high heart problems ... it also
eliminates obstruction to our roots in the heart
Our estate agency it healthy arteries ... you and you
really feel the impact of just time ... as well as other
products of AIM GLOBAL
6.MY CHOCO-for children, drinking reall they include
DHA Sharpening of resistance ... appetizing food ... it
can also help the elderly ... thing that matters is my
choco sick ALZHEIMER'S that
7 Liven coffee alkaline with a wide variety of flavors
and of course COFFEE STEVIA really perfect
perfect in human diabetic prohibits you a coffee for
coffee .. the really healthy to
8.KIDDI 24/7-ang product that is similar to the C24 /7
definitely made many children ... also what does it
great benefits to our children ... this am
NUTRAGUMMIES like gummy bears no burden for our
children ipatake because she seems to Ike candy,
candy only our children
9.NATURACEUTICALS toothpaste opportune people
with gum disease ... it has complete phyto please ... if
you bad breath toothpaste is something
10.SLIM @ TRIM, a kind of products that actually
HAVING skinny ... but it is not like other types of
products that overthrew the body, slim trim @ puma
sterile while becoming healthy body you need it
HAVING 11.WHITELIGHT the glutathione-paputi ... and
so white you need Pina nice skin eliminates blemishes
or freckles on the body and also helps the WhiteLight
To protect our liver ... it opportune please people with
liver disease ... it healthy to healthy skin on your liver. formal prom party dresses With long sleeve that look sexy
12.PERFECT WHITE-for you to be nice and still young
10 to 20 years because the product has FREEMAN
EFFECTS Things like BOTOX also those who have
pimples are not removable eliminates pimples of
darkspot, wrinkles and much more than you really be..
Just pm me fo orders and informations, Marlon Khen Cano Cardano

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