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So "No Shave November" ended like it always does for me. A pile of blonde,red,brown,and a ton of grey hair in the bathroom sink. Keeping the Goatee of course. I've had it for 30yrs ya know. But this year. This year was a little different than years past. This year I heard a lot about "toxic masculinity", and "patriarchal terrorism" in relation to No Shave November. And how NSN is a celebration of that bullshit. I heard that it's men's way of asserting our dominance over women,using visual cues.

I heard that it's our way of perpetuating women's "traditional" fear of men. Those big scary beards on us big scary men. Now anyone that knows me personally,knows that the love of my life is my one and only child. My daughter. Anyone that knows what I do with my spare time,knows I'm all about "girl power". My daughter has never been told or taught,that she is beneath any man unless his name is Jesus. She knows she is equal to men. She was not put on this Earth to make sandwiches.

But a whole bunch of women wanted to make a huge deal this year out of NSN. Some companies I'm told, actually forbid men in certain office environments from growing beards this year. Now every year we get wives and girlfriends saying they won't shave either. And that's fine. If you wanna go a whole month without shaving your legs,...knock yourself out. You do you. And let us be us.

NSN is not about you. It's not about women. It's about men acknowledging that men everyday die of prostate cancer,Heart disease,testicular cancer,and a ton of other diseases. Not to mention the men that die everyday in construction, and other heavy industries. When is the last time you heard about a hole collapsing in on a women working on a water main? Happened to a lifelong friend of mine a moth ago.

Men are 15 times more likely to develop Melanoma by the age of 40. We work outside more. So No Shave November is that. It's 30 days of men saying to each other. We have each other's back. We feel your pain, and we know your struggle with disease. Diseases that seem to plague the male of the species. And for 30 days it's our way of mourning the ones that have passed on from these diseases and industrial accidents. Three hours it took. Three hours, is how long it took to get my old buddy out of that hole. He was 42. pageant celebrity garments for girls

So can we have that ladies? Can we have our thing for 30 days,and support our brothers in our own way. Can we mourn with, and for our brothers without offending,and terrifying you with our beards? Can men just be men without women thinking we want to repeal the 19th amendment? Real men honor women. Real men protect women. Real men raise strong women. Women use ribbons to raise awareness. Men use manliness.