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"Antibiotics are Anti-Biology"

The Fallacy of Antibiotics:

"Antibiotics have long outlived their effectiveness or their risk vs. reward. When penicillin was first introduced, the typical prescription was to take it for 2 days. Years later, with dozens of antibiotics now on the market, there are now, many species of bacteria which years ago were relatively easily eradicated have now become "superbugs"; resistant to virtually all antibiotics. Most antibiotic prescriptions start ... out with a 2 weeks supply and then are refilled or substituted for another, if not effective. Examples of resistant "superbugs" are MERSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), C. difficile, Salmonella species, E.coli, Lyme's disease, Micobacteria absessens and many others. Much of the problem has occurred because of the indiscriminate overuse of antibiotics by the medical profession. Instead of encouraging the body's own defense mechanisms by building the immune system, ever more powerful and dangerous antibiotics are given. Antibiotics are even prescribed by many physicians for people with viral infections such as the flu which of course, being a virus is completely immune to antibiotics. This is "justified" by saying that at least this will reduce the chance of the patient getting a "secondary infection". Furthermore..." plus size selections for wedding that cost below 100

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