red and white wedding dresses

The Church - To Have and To Hold is being held in the stunning St Mary Magdelene Church.
The church is set back on a rise above what was the old market place, the first thing to admire is Suffolk's grandest galilee porch, with its former chapel above this church really is an experience to savour: you enter the church through a series of unfolding spaces, so that finally opening the double west doors into the naive.
The ring of 8 bells is considered one of the most mellow in the county.
You step into a big church made gorgeous by the brick patterning of the floor, the fruit of Debenham's one major 19th Century industry. Red and white bricks are laid in a diamond pattern, with small floral tiles in the points of the diamonds. It is surely one of the most beautiful church floors in Suffolk, and a sign that, although the inside of this building is almost entirely 19th Century in content and character, this interior is by no means an anonymous one, this is an interior to enjoy as a whole. red and white wedding dresses
Any one thinking of marrying here is in for a real treat.
You are all welcome to visit and view the church, wedding fayre and wedding dresses through the ages on Saturday 10th Februrary.
If you have married here please comment below and post pictures - we would love to see and hear from you!