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The Holidays are right around the corner - are you going to gain the average 10-15 pounds over the next 2 months and then struggle to get it back off in January? red carpet dresses for sale

Or are you determined to keep the weight gain at bay and committed to eating for a healthy lifestyle with just a couple of indulgences once in a while?

One way to keep from gaining a bunch of weight this time of year is to do a short, healthy detox to start your Holiday season on a good note.


This detox is for you if you've always wanted to do a detox but have been too scared because you think it will be really hard or you'll go hungry for 5 days.

Or if you suffer from headaches, brain fog, exhaustion, or general digestive upset like constipation, reflux, gas, or bloating.

If this sounds like you, check out my 5-day Detox for Beginners.

Join me November 13-17th (the week before Thanksgiving) to get yourself started in a good way. Sign up here for informational emails:

Or, just jump right in and sign up for the detox now at:

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