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Half asleep , i lifted my head to look at my teacher in the biochemistry class when her high pitched shrillness rung my ears . I was in no temperament to pay attention at the drugs that were the agenda of the day .
I glanced at the left wrist in my black dial . Even the seconds' hand did not seem to walk . To pass my last one fourth of an hour , i started to pen this down . To stop me from banging down on the table , I had to forcefully stretch my eye ... lids ; accompanied by repeated sips of water .
The lush carpet of green stretched on the hills outside the window did not interest me unlike usual days . The shutters of my eyes were held by my internal force when suddenly i was startled by the teacher's scream . She yelled out at two students who were sharing the same state of dizziness as of mine and were shunt out of the class room . red colored items to wear that looks still sexy
Despite taking into consideration , my laziness , once again i had to depend upon the universal solvent to maintain my consciousness , yet the covet of sleep was never achieved in that hour .

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