short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls

This is only one way of sexual misconduct of a teacher. There is also refusing a teacher and suffering retribution. How do you prove that?

And then there is the competition portion of the "beauty contest" - a teacher's choice of consort is often selected by pitting women against each other in very dangerous conditions. The "loser" may not even know what is happening. After years with a sangha, if a teacher reaches a point where he feels a consort is necessary, he may select short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls ... the woman he wants. Then they set up one or more women, who become mistreated, lied about, and physically attacked by the chosen consort's entourage.

The "competition" has of course been pre-selected to be thrown out as well, and never know that they were just kept in the larder for the time when the teacher decides that he needs to populate his personal mandala, which means a select group will also participate with the consort as the queen - what she says goes, no matter ethics or law.

This occurs with some Guyasamaja practices. Thanks, # MaitripaCollege # YAngsiRinpoche , and # LeighMiller for the first-hand education you gave us - myself, Margaret, Veda, and others. Oh, and thank you Sarah Jacoby for translating that haiography of Sera Khondro's. It was the missing piece I needed, which demonstrated that other Buddhist lamas were complicit as knowing what was happening to us, and Samaya did not matter. # ProfAnneCKlein

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