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Here's what we should do about NFL players who kneel for the Anthem: STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM. If we had ignored them from the start, this issue, which ranks somewhere near number 526,000 on a list of cultural and national importance, would have gone away already. But we give them attention. They want attention. By giving them attention, they win. I've been part of the problem, I know that, and I regret it.

Of all the terrible things happening in our society, it's astounding t ... hat we've spent A YEAR talking about a few football players kneeling. When was the last time we focused for that long on any issue? Those Planned Parenthood videos came out showing Planned Parenthood selling dead baby parts, and as conservatives we were really upset about it for, like, two weeks. But some backup QB kneels and our outrage is unyielding after 12 months. It's deranged.

You know what we should have said from the beginning? "Oh, look, they're kneeling. Kneeling is a sign of reverence. Great job, guys!" And they would have said, "No, that's not the point." And we could have responded, "What? I can't hear you. We've already moved on to more important things. Thank you for your reverence for the flag. Keep it up!" And they would have said, "Shoot, well this backfired." And they would have stood back up.

But instead we spend 52 weeks heaping attention upon these people who want attention, and we hand them a victory. So, let's stop. Let's just move on. They'll get bored and move on, too, eventually.

Sure, you can boycott the NFL if you want. If the spirit moves you that way, Godspeed. But personally I think if we're going to boycott television shows, there are about 200 we should go through before we get to football. So much debauchery and moral perversion streams forth from our TV screens every day, and we as Christians have shown no interest in adjusting our media consumption habits because of it. But now we're roused to action -- because a couple guys are kneeling? Ok, fine. Just don't tell me you've boycotted the NFL yet you still give your money to Disney or Netflix or basically any channel on TV or any Hollywood film, considering they've all done far more damage to your children and have poisoned the culture to a far greater degree than Colin Kaepernick ever could. vintage and antique wears for a wedding

I just don't understand our priorities sometimes. It almost seems like we have greater reverence for the flag than the Cross of Christ. They can defile our faith all they want and we yawn. But let them display a less than appropriate amount of enthusiasm for the National Anthem and we will not rest until vengeance is done. I think we need to get some perspective here.

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