vintage inspired old-fashion collections for wedding

Yo every sexual harassment male victim playing the crap out of this song I swear!
You women gonna lose.
You think we gonna believe you next when you trying to be honest with a rape charge?
You have a voice that's so loud no man's gonna wanna meet ya
And if no man sees ya how you gonna get money?
Like no child think dude's are gonna wanna fuck ya now?
I heard today we have about another year of this harassment claim shit before dudes gonna ask for y'all to exit the work force. Or they'll leave. Good luck doing it all by yourself. I saw that scene in "I Love Lucy." Y'all gonna flip the sexes roles now. Hahaha vintage inspired old-fashion collections for wedding
"I'm just playing, bitch. You know I love you."

Eminem - So Much Better (Audio) Album: The Marshall Mathers LP2 (Deluxe) Release date: 11/05/2013 This song is mastered for