what items to wear for tall maids of honor

Well of course got disqualified from my unemployment benefits, go figure? Done been told that Young's manufacturing never pays anyone unemployment! But now the truth will come out, when u r told that they don't care if the man in front of you refuses to do his job correctly that you will do urs and his and if u get into a argument with anyone ur fired, so when the 19 year old laughed at me busting my ass doing my job and his to keep the line going and not putting more work on ... next man as a p.o.s. would, I went to human resource man, Chris crumes, told him wat happened and I needed to fill out a grievance r something so "if" they once again basically laughed at wat was happening to me by the boy that I didn't want to b responsible "if" I lost my temper, "if" they let it keep happening and he didn't fill out nothing about it but left work and said he would talk to b.j. my line leader next day cause they had no grievance policy! Well I had already endured so much gas lighting and crap cause of their true intentions to x convicts and I hadn't failed a drug test to be fired and my x girlfriend that went to that bogus ass faith based rehab in morgantown just happened to of been connected to Tony tinsley and others at Young's which I didn't know when I was hired, but now know more than they would like for me too. But that's them, I done my job, got fired for doing the right things to avoid a confrontation with a fellow employee, so when I have to go through the appeal process I can't be blamed for all the truth coming out about Young's and the owners and sons and their churches involvement in such inappropriate behavior and illegal activities that could jeopardize alot of jobs in the county! I'm done. Evil begats evil!!! And good people don't treat employees or tell employees to treat others badly from one day to the next! I have two employees that admitted there participation in the gas lighting and hazzing that happened to me while employed there, not counting all the other documents and pictures that will prove nothing good would be in my or anyone's future being hired n working there! I'm done caring and being silent while being judged and done wrong from people that deserve more jail time and true judgements against than I ever did!!!! what items to wear for tall maids of honor

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